Professional Testimonials

“Consider hand sanitizers that provide residual and persistent protection on the skin for up to 24 hours. Zoono GermFree24 Hand Sanitizer is applied to the hands just like a traditional hand sanitizer but provides an invisible shield on hands for protection up to 24 hours and requires just one application.”

Dr. Andrew Alexander, Ph.D


“Avoid touching your face, especially the nose and mouth, as this provides germs easy access to get inside...if using hand sanitizer, [I] recommend protect your hands from germs for up to 24 hours after applying.”

Dr. Charles P. Gerba, Ph.D via. Readers Digest


“ULTRA GermFree24 is the only product of its kind that I know of that is FDA compliant and is manufactured according to the exacting standards of a Drug product.”

Meghan Clemente, ANP-C