Microbe Shield Surface Sanitiser 5L (Z71) - Refill

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ZOONO® Surface Sanitiser

  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria

  • Water-Based

  • Scientifically Proven

Zoono® has been proven effective against a wide range of bacteria to help protect your family and your business.

This economical 5L bottle can be poured into a spray bottle for touchpoints or used in a fogging machine for an intensive sanitising mist treatment.

Spray onto critical surfaces and touchpoints to help keep the area germ-free longer. Suitable for households, offices, hospitality, healthcare, commercial kitchens, education facilities, livestock, businesses, and transportation.

We recommend ZOONO® Surface Sanitiser is applied monthly or as required and is used in conjunction with routine hand hygiene procedures.

Our Technology

Zoono® is an innovative sanitising technology that keeps working long after it's applied. Our unique trade secret technology is used as part of the world’s strictest hygiene protocols and has been tried and trusted by people all over the world for over 12 years, making us your number one go-to sanitiser brand.
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